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Jennifer Kimball on the Ethics of Life-Saving Cost Cuts in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

jennifer_new.jpgSaving a Life, or Saving Money

December 15, 2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution [1]

Meningococcal meningitis and meningococcal septicemia are the leading cause of death by infectious disease in early childhood. Even with early detection, the disease can kill in as little as four hours. Tragically, the rate of infection from these killers is three to seven times higher in infants than any other age group.

For years, a commitment by policymakers to eliminate the disease in the U.S. has yielded steady gains. But, under the Obama administration, there are concerning signs of a shift from saving lives to saving money. Now, some in the ethics community are questioning whether federal officials will fulfill their pledge to rid us of this disease and protect kids.

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