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The Court Hears Proposition 8

We urge the Supreme Court not to override the democratic process by throwing out the votes of the American people.  This case is not just about marriage, but about the proper role of the courts and the rights of American voters.

Prop 8 and DOMA:

In its landmark marriage case, Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court stated that “Marriage is one of the basic civil rights of man, fundamental to our very existence and survival.”  That case affirmed that the right to marriage is the right of a man and a woman to marry.  Same-sex “marriage” proponents often misinterpret and misapply the rationale and decision of this case by drawing a comparison between interracial marriage and same-sex “marriage.”  It is important to remember that the Supreme Court did not re-define marriage in Loving; rather, it affirmed that the right to marry is the right of a man and a woman, regardless of race.  One man and one woman were affirmed by the Supreme Court as basic components of marriage.  The constitutional right to marriage is directly linked to the generation of children and the formation of families; it is not based soley on feelings of love or committment.  Once that becomes the defining characteristic of marriage, there is nothing to stop the definition of marriage from expanding to include threesomes or marriages between blood relatives and any other combination of relationships.