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Is Abortion Good For Women’s Health?

Many claim that abortion increases women’s health and reduces maternal mortality, but numerous studies contradict those claims.  Here we summarize just a few of them:

The Studies

With statistics such as these, if women’s health is really the concern, the best course of action is to restrict abortion and dedicate resources for better obstetric care.

The Risks

Damage from abortion can be physical and psychological.  Even when this damage doesn’t lead to death, it can lead to permanent, long-term health problems.

Physical Complications:

Science is still researching and debating the relationship between abortion and breast cancer.  Nevertheless, more than 25 studies show increased risk.  A meta-analysis [14] of 28 studies by Dr. Joel Brind and bio-statistician Vern Chinchilli concluded that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer by 30%.

In 1973, the year abortion was legalized in the United States, the rate of breast cancer was 82.6 per 100,000 and it was considered an older woman’s illness.  In 1998, the rate of breast cancer had increased more than 40% and it had become an illness of young women.

Psychological Complications:

These are more frequent than physical complications yet women generally don’t report them, nor do they receive support in dealing with them.  Psychological trauma [15]—Post Abortion Syndrome—can affect women many years after [16] an abortion.  Some 60% of abortive women suffer subsequent emotional problems.  Some 30% suffer severe problems.


Abortion kills millions of babies—but the destruction does not stop there.  It kills or maims mothers as well, for a woman knows, better than anyone, that the one alive in her womb is a child: a son or daughter; a child who is weak and defenseless, a child in need of warmth, food, protection and love.