In March of 1997, the Culture of Life Foundation was formed, receiving the direct apostolic blessing of Pope John Paul II. From that time forward, CLF has endeavored to educate those at all levels about the essential need to establish a lasting culture of life and the moral basis for such.

In 2001 the Culture of Life Foundation through its education advocacy impacted and influenced the debate regarding federal funding of stem cell research. Our work with the White House resulted in a letter to CLF from President George W. Bush stating his opposition to “Federal Funding for stem-cell research that involves destroying living human embryos.” Through an aggressive communication strategy built around the letter from President Bush and involving print, electronic media and blast e mails, CLF succeeded in differentiating embryonic and adult stem cells, clarifying the moral issues regarding embryonic stem cell research and highlighting the many, many positive results then emerging from adult stem cell research. This early accomplishment, among others, established CLF’s reputation to effect change through education.

Since that period, the Culture of Life Foundation has consistently increased its educational outreach. In 2007, under the guidance of Jennifer Kimball Watson, who was hired as Executive Director that same year, the CLF Fellows Program was launched.

The Fellows Program has enabled CLF to produce a wealth of scholarly and well-focused educational materials. Our E-Briefs reach a diverse group of subscribers, and our teaching tools are distributed to educators across the globe, reaching hundreds of thousands of high school and undergraduate students.