Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Culture of Life Foundation is a research and educational institute that exists to engage and strengthen public reason, form the moral conscience, and reveal and present the truths about the human person at all stages of life and in all conditions. We believe with Aristotle that true freedom flourishes within a responsible and cohesive society that is respectful of the fundamental dignity of the human individual.

During the past two decades, it has become abundantly clear that recourse to policy has failed. Indeed, policies, laws, and even economies are only a reflection of the culture from which they arise, and culture itself is shaped by the morals of the people. We must look to change our culture, therefore, by renewing the moral fabric of our society. Thomas Jefferson proposed a solution to our condition when he wrote,

“When [the moral sense] is wanting, we endeavor to supply the defect by education, by appeals to reason, demonstrations by sound calculation that promote interest in the long run.”

This is our Vision…

To this end, we seek to strengthen the foundations of our Judeo-Christian culture by offering to the public simplified and informative educational materials on current complex moral issues related to human life and dignity. These materials are intended to provide sound, simple ethical reasoning on bioethics, marriage and family, human dignity, and man’s essential interdependence upon his fellow man. We hope to foster a culture that will transmit to each new generation a commitment to the profound inherent and equal dignity of every member of the human family.

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